On Friday, 9 April 2010, Graskop celebrated the opening day of our new Art Gallery just outside the borders of this well known town at the renowned Panorama Rest Camp and Chalets.

GRASKOP has always been known for its beautiful scenery, shimmering tree plantations and local crafts, but has also become a town filled with art in the past few years. Following the road to Hazyview, just past the notorious Big Swing you will find Panorama Rest Camp and Chalets, a paradise spot where three artists have the honor of displaying their art to both National and International viewers. The Artistic Journey Art Gallery is open to the public without reservations at the resort, where art lovers are welcome to enjoy art, a cup of coffee and a breath taking view. Entrance to The Artistic Journey Art Gallery will always be free.

The Gallery introduces three South African artists: Rina Burger, Riette van Niekerk, and Nicole Burger.

Rina Burger is a lecturing artist at The University of Johannesburg and Damelin College. She offers private art classes and workshops at her studio in Randburg. She is a self taught artist and during this process of discovery has worked with a multitude of art mediums, but she has a special love for oil paint, finding the smell and texture an extravagant inspiration. She is motivated by her surroundings and finds her muse in everyday beauty. She believes that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself; to become a stronger person than before.

Growing up in Graskop, Riette felt inspired by her majestic surroundings. After school she completed an Interior decorating course and soon she was drawn to the art of painting to express her creativeness better. She started with pencil portraits but once she was introduced to a brush and paint 5 years ago, there was no turning back. She has explored images, concepts and feeling that have guided her work down new paths and have shown her creative realms. She has persisted, mastered her craft and found her own unique voice to display her level of confidence and stands behind her work and integrity of her art.

Nicole Burger is a graphic designer from Pretoria, running a graphic design business while lecturing at The University of Johannesburg and Damelin College. Growing up under the creative influence of her mother, it was inevitable that she would fall in love with art. Her paintings are planned and executed with meticulous care and sophisticated décor in mind. Due to her unique, modern style of painting she opens up a whole new world for the traditional art lover.

The opening of an Artistic Journey Art Gallery was a remarkable event. Enriching your soul with creative outlooks on familiar surroundings give us hope and clear our vision for future possibilities. The Artistic Journey Art Gallery is a unique and inspirational experience for all.


Rina Burger, rina@artisticjourney.co.za, 082 600 3441.
Nicole Burger, nicole@azaro.co.za, 084 880 8844
Riette van Niekerk, panoramav@gmail.com, 013 767 1091 or 082 337 6260

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